Documents in Sharepoint?

Is SharePoint a document management system? Well, I supposed it is, if your definition of document management system only covers the management of archival documents. However, if you want to manage documents that you work with regularly I’m willing to bet that you will find SharePoint (as well as most traditional ECM systems) lacking. Systems that treat each document like it is alone in the universe miss the point of document management for managing a file of documents entirely. Not only do you have to search for each document individually, but you have to index each document individually.

Imagine if your document management system grouped your documents into files folders and sections (just like paper file folders). Not only could you work with other documents in the same file folder, but you would only have to index new documents with a file number (like a patient ID, policy number, or case number), a document type and maybe a document date. SharePoint and other traditional document management systems miss the point entirely. They think that a document (like a first notice of loss) doesn’t need need any other documents to be useful. Or if other documents are needed you can just go find them individually. It’s only your time they are wasting after all.

Document management systems can be better. LucanDOCS is better.

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