Does your document management system work the way you do?

Do you work with only one document at a time? When you work a paper file do you always look at one document then move on to the next file? If you do, then the traditional document management system is probably good enough.

However, if when you work with a document you find yourself using other documents in the same file paper file then you need a Document Management System (DMS) that is different than those that have been offered in the past. What if your DMS organized your electronic documents the way you have always organized your paper documents. What if you insurance policy file documents  were stored in the sections you know and in reverse chronological order like they have always been. Do you think that would make you and your staff more productive?

Development of LucanDOCS is moving forward and that is exactly how it works. It’s designed for people who work with file folders full of documents not those who always just work with one document.

Stay tuned for information on a public beta test of LucanDOCS!

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